About Bjork

”What can you do with the farm in 10 years?” my wife said. That got me thinking, then an idea came to me.

I’m going to make the worlds most environmentally friendly alcohol drink, and sell it to ski resorts. That was 3 years ago, now I’ve made it, your looking at it, and a lot more than ski resorts have bought it.

It was not easy, lots of trial and error, but in the end I think you’ll agree it was worth it, when you taste your first glass of Bjork.

I had it in my head all the time when I was putting this together, keep it simple, keep it simple and that I have done from day one and will keep doing the same. I have many good people to thank for their help, advice and enthusiasim on this project, and without them I would have never made it this far. You know who you are.
Many thanks!

David Hassan
Founder and owner


The Process

From tree to bottle, every part of the process has been carefully thought out to preserve the tree, environment, and the unique taste of Bjork.

We achieve this by the non use of electricity.

After collection of the Birch sap, it is then heated over an open log fire using logs from our own forest.


Once heated the sap is mixed with other organic ingredients, it is then left to cool to the desired temperature, at this point the yeast is added. Some weeks later the alcohol level is reached.

Through the summer the clearing process takes place, gravity helps here, making ready for autumn to say goodnight to the newly made Bjork apéritif.

For over a year the Bjork sits in its demijohns ageing in the naturally controlled temperature of the earth cellar, only then is it ready to be bottled.