Bjork aperitif is now available at systembolaget artical number 38792, order online or buy local in Jämtland Härjedalen. Go on treat yourself.

This year we have expanded to the UK, and have joined the Swedish chamber of commerce in London one of the first things we have done with them was to sponsor their midsummer cruise on the Thames.

We are also very grateful to one of Sweden’s leading wine reviewers Britt Carlsson who really enjoyed her first taste of Bjork, see her report at  BKwine/bjork aperitif

Bjork, Swedish birch aperitif

Bjork, Swedish birch aperitif, copyright BKWine Photography

This Autumn Harper,s Bazzar UK edition will be featuring us and one of our best customers Copperhill mountain lodge Åre.

Everything we use in the making and the process of Bjork can be recycled. Tips: Once your finished your Bjork, don’t throw it away, resue your bottle. Its perfect for olive oil and other soft drinks etc.

For companies looking to promote their environmental credentials, then Bjork aperitif is the perfect partner for events and conferences.

Unique in its taste appearance and production Bjork aperitif make s a great exclusive gift, offering something to tempt everyones palate. it is also fast becoming Scandinavia’s new national drink.

How to serve Bjork aperitif. Simply to serve Bjork on ice is a fabulous way to enjoy this drink.

Bjork is a very versatile drink, as a starter  the freshness and taste always get s people talking.

Bjork goes very well with all game meats and fish especially Salmon, marinaded Reindeer is another favourite of restaurants, and wild berries from the forest all complement each other.

Strong or mild cheeses and even chocolate all are compatible with Bjork.


Most of Sweden’s top restaurants and bars serve the Bjork Martini and the Negroni, Bjork is a new top mixer in stead of vermouth, it is fantastic, mixed with Gin or vodka as a base .


Why not try your hand at making your own cocktails with Bjork aperitif and if you recommend it to us we will post it on our website.